People cut out of cars: the Ukrainians got in an accident in Lithuania


In Lithuania the accident occurred, during which he suffered 3 volynyan. The culprit was pursued by the police.

The accident was caused by a 20-year-old man who stole a BMW in Estonia. The local police handed over information about it to neighboring countries, and in Lithuania, he tried to stop, writes

The driver of the BMW ran away from the police. During prosecution, the police began to shoot at the tires of the fugitive. With a broken tyre he drove about 1 km Left into the oncoming lane, where it crashed into a Nissan Primera, which was three Ukrainians.

From the collision the Nissan off the road, and the BMW I drove in the truck.

The driver and passengers in the Nissan were got by rescuers who cut the roof of the car. Ukrainians in the ICU of a local hospital.

The driver-the fugitive received minor injuries, he was protecting airbags. The attacker was arrested.

In Russia in road accident were 11 Ukrainians, four of them were injured. The condition of one heavy.