“People’s militia” LNR trimmed their positions near Slavyanoserbsk photo


Russian mercenaries-fighters “national militia” LNR showed their “fortified position” on Slovyanoserbska direction.

It was declared “the representative of the defense Ministry,” LC Lt. Andrey Marochko, the website of the militants.

“Soldiers strategically improved their positions, new Supervisory positions. Also have been deepened trenches and dugouts extended” – boasted the leader of the terrorists Marochko.

According to him, on the line of defense also created many false positions, and acting carefully camouflaged.

“Marochko reported that the people’s militia LC engineering spent improving their positions along the section of highway T-1303 Lugansk-Lisichansk, known as the “Bahmutka”, – stated in the message.

Militants do not let the “army” LDNR, until they “work” on the front. The command of terrorists 1 and 2 of “army corps” LDNR sent to the subordinate units the order of working-out at best before retiring.