Residents of the Crimea has published a video of the movement of Russian military equipment

Russia continues to pull military equipment in the Crimea – video. Photo: ONLINE.UA

Residents of Crimea annexed by Russia posted a video of the movement of military equipment around the Peninsula.

It is noted that video with the Russian equipment published eyewitnesses, reports 24 channel.

“On one of the videos you can see a convoy of more than 10 armored vehicles. Maybe it’s the BTR – 90. In addition, in the video you can see the military helicopter “, – is spoken in the message.


Does, polirani Jan Sinel (@sinelnikova902) 6 Fierce 2018 R. 1:05 PST

In another village spotted a convoy of a dozen BTR-80. A military convoy accompanied by police cars.

“On the territory of the occupied Crimea is about 23 thousand Russian troops, 113 combat aircraft, 30 tanks and ships and stuff,” he said.

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Russian occupation troops conduct training for aviation of the black sea fleet with the involvement of divisions coastal missile complexes “Bastion” and “Ball”. It is noted that in the framework of the “exercises” work out the procedure for the strikes on sea targets.