Russia is preparing for a major war – Yarosh

The sanctions currently in place will not force Russia to stop the aggression. Photo:

The deployment of Russian troops on the borders with the European States testifies to the preparations for the great war.

This was stated by the MP Dmitry Yarosh in an interview with “Commander in chief”.

“Russia is now preparing for a major war. We see this in concentration strike groups around the perimeter of Ukraine and not only – on the borders of the Baltic States and Finland. Here I can only quote the poet: “mind can not understand Russia, no yardstick to measure it.” She’s like a cornered rat, starts to fuss. Therefore, the West should react to such things not only sanctions, but also more tangible steps,” said Yarosh.

He stressed that sanctions can stop Russian aggression only if they expand.

“I saw information that the Russian reserve Fund ceases to exist. Sanctions, therefore, perhaps the same affect on economic development but we see a lot of precedents around them. Again, there are sanctions against the Crimea, and a huge Western corporations are there turbines, Siemens and so on.

Russia – player experienced. And accordingly in a situation when energy prices went up again, she continues to hand out money. She destabilizie the situation in the middle East – their structure manifest themselves in Syria, South Sudan, Libya and other countries. And rising energy prices, on which they rely, to a certain extent compensates the losses which inflict sanctions”, – said Yarosh.

At the end of January the Ministry of Finance of the USA has published so-called “Kremlin report”, which lists the names of close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian officials and businessmen, against which can be introduced sanctions.

In 96 the list of Russian oligarchs, whose fortune is estimated at more than $1 billion in addition, the list 114 of the names of officials and Directors of state companies.

In the list of the Ministry of Finance of the USA were Russian companies, that at least a quarter owned by the government and have an income of more than $ 2 billion.