Security guards of night club Chine for refusing to remove his jacket

Beat the guy security guards of night club. Photo

In Berdichev 18-year-old young man said the beating by the guards of a nightclub for refusing to remove his jacket.

“The back is very sharp, unbearable pain. Not sleep all night, very sore,” complains Dennis Leszczynski, who for two days confined to bed.

He said that the club went with friends there rested, danced and then went outside. When they returned, the guards began to demand to remove his jacket, to which Denis replied that in a room full of people in street clothes. “Well, they didn’t want to explain. I didn’t notice – it’s a hit and I flew out the door of the club, fell and severely hit the steps,” – says the victim.

Doctors diagnosed him with a compression fracture of the spine.

“This is a serious injury. Bed rest a month and a half, and then the corset should be worn,” warned the surgeon of the city hospital Peter Teal.

Now the guy in the hospital with a compression fracture of the spine. In the night club claim the boy out of the courtroom. Beating deny. Police are investigating the incident, but explained that security in a conflict situation would be to call the patrol.

In the ski resort of Bukovel beat the son of the Deputy of Chernihiv regional Council Vladimir Peasant Alexander. According to the MP, his son was in a night club “Buka” in the company of his girlfriend and friends. Near the bar a fight broke out, and he called security. After all poutihli, the guy went to reception, as his friends were not allowed into the institution. He has tried to solve this issue with the guards, who in turn according to Vladimir Selenskogo, began to beat his son.