The bridge can not build: the Crimean Peninsula blows in the direction of Russia

Through a tectonic shift of Crimea will belong to Russia. Photo: Presa Ukrainy

Russia occupied the Crimean Peninsula is slowly moving towards mainland Russia.

This phenomenon is associated with the displacement of the earth’s tectonic plates, scientists have observed for several years, reports Pro site “”

According to the Deputy “Director” of the Crimean astrophysical Observatory, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Alexander Volvach the Peninsula is getting closer to the mainland to 32 mm annually.

“Crimea is moving toward Russia at a speed of more than 32 millimeters per year – we have identified and measured with the help of our extragalactic opportunities,” – said the scientist.

Experts are monitoring the process of movement of the Peninsula and study the dynamics, to make predictions for the future.

From the ship “Berg”, which started to sink off the coast of the occupied Crimea during the 4th and 5th of February evacuated the fuel and engine oil. Now oil pollution of the sea water occurred.