The expert told about the consequences of a rise in price of gas for the population

According to experts, to raise the price of gas and thermal energy – not economically feasible. Photo: UA.News

In 2018 year, Ukraine may get a historic opportunity to reduce the price of natural gas, said Maria Yakovleva member of the Board of the State Agency for energy saving and energy efficiency.

“The Memorandum with the IMF the price of gas is set by a combination of several indicators. First, it is full reimbursement of the costs of production. That is, full coverage of cost and rate of return. Second, the Fund grants must not exceed 47 billion hryvnia. In fact, 2017 Fund subsidies amounted to 68 billion UAH. If you increase the price of gas, the planned Fund grants to 71 billion hryvnia will go beyond 100 billion,” – said the expert.

To raise the price of gas and thermal energy – not economically feasible.

“Budget revenues and citizens of Ukraine do not allow to raise tariffs. If the price increases, a large number of Ukrainians will be forced to seek help from the state. Budget 2018 deficit of 80 billion hryvnia. The increase in prices will lead to deficit of more than $ 100 billion,” – said Maria Yakovleva.

Today Ukraine 100% provide the population with gas.

“The company has already announced that in 2018, 100% will cover the needs of the population in natural gas. Therefore, Ukraine has every reason to reduce the price. When the country will receive normal reasonable the cost of gas will decrease the burden on the state budget. As a result of reduced number of subsidianes. Improve the solvency of the population and the state budget to creditors,” concluded Maria Yakovleva.

Naftogaz in 2018 plans to buy 4-5 billion m3 of gas to Russian Gazprom. Expert on energy issues Mikhail Gonchar said that the decision to buy Russian gas – a requirement of the Stockholm arbitration. Otherwise, Ukraine will have a claim from Gazprom will be forced to pay a considerable amount. According to him, 5 billion is only one-sixth of the total gas that the Ukrainians consume in a year. This will not create the critical effect of Ukraine’s dependence on Gazprom.