There was a Ukrainian movie trailer about the smuggler from “Star wars”

in solo. Star wars” will be shown on the smuggler-a loner who fought against the Supreme Order. Photos

There was a Ukrainian trailer space Western “Solo. Star wars: the History”, rezh. Ron Howard

The story revolves around a young Ghana Solo, smuggler’s single, which in the original film “Star wars,” was found by Obi-WAN Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. Show the key episodes in the history of Solo, and the reasons for which defected to the rebels in the fight against the powerful order of the Supreme.

The film’s release is scheduled for may 24.

Published the first Ukrainian trailer erotic drama Benoit Jacquot’s “eve” (Eva). The film was included in the competition program of the Berlin film festival.

In the story, a promising writer Bertrand during a severe snowstorm is under one roof with a seductive and mysterious courtesan Eva. Willing to do anything to get a shocking finale for, perhaps, his chief novel, the character of which is eve.