Wait for Ukrainians cheap gasoline

Experts say that the cost of gasoline depends on the exchange rate and the price of oil in the world. Photo: 112 Ukraïna

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman instructed the state fiscal service and the Antimonopoly Committee to analyze the situation on the fuel market. To investigate the price at which petroleum products are imported into the country and what they sell.

Gazeta.ua asked the experts, how is the price and why expensive gasoline.

Sergei Kuiun, Director of consulting group “A-95”:

“The rise in prices for gasoline has two components. First is the rise in price of oil in the world. Secondly, the devaluation of the hryvnia. If all to combine, we will see that the cost of fuel that we have now”, – says Sergey Kuiun.

The expert noted that gasoline is not cheaper without the strengthening of the national currency or the decrease of world oil prices. Nobody has forced the company to sell at a loss.

Gasoline is not cheaper without the strengthening of the national currency or a decrease in world oil prices

“Talking about the decline in prices yet. In the near future expected rise in price of gasoline by 50 cents or hryvnia in the networks trading in the economy segment. At large gas stations the prices have increased. In the future, I am sure that the price of gasoline will decrease as soon as favourable factors. There is already good news. So, to stop the decline of the hryvnia, calmed down a bit the global market. Oil prices dropped slightly. Therefore, there is cautious optimism about the fact that the price growth will stop. However it happened, when after reducing the cost increased with a new force, ” explained Sergey Kuiun.

Oleksandr Sirenko, an analyst with the consulting company “UPECO”:

“Every company under its rules determines the margin. For some, 5 hryvnia per liter – this is normal, for others 2-3 hryvnia. So now you can buy a liter of A-95 as for 32 hryvnia, and at 29.5 in. First of all Volodymyr Groysman should understand that this government is not held in December and January, the hryvnia. The dollar was almost 29 hryvnias, and Euro – by 35. The indicators of the currency market is very important for Ukraine. A lot depends on imports. For example, energy. We spend about $3-4 billion on petroleum products. The next two weeks, gasoline will not go up – it is a good signal for the consumer. The truth will be fluctuations in the market of liquefied gas. Because more expensive diesel fuel, which directly affects the cost of auto gas”, – says Alexander Sirenko.

Today the oil prices are economically justified

Gennady Ryabtsev Director of special projects scientific-technical center “Psyche”:

“If fiscal service together with the Antimonopoly Committee finds violations, should take the necessary measures. At the same time, the Antimonopoly Committee does not affect the pricing of fuel. He researches the market and checks completeness of payment of fees to traders. Because the oil market is free and competitive,” says Gennady Ryabtsev.

According to the expert, today the prices of petroleum products is economically justified.

“On the cost of petroleum products is influenced by two main factors is the customs value at the border and the exchange rate of hryvnia. Ukraine imports about 85% of the fuel. Second, buy it for currency. To purchase a batch of petroleum products, traders need to buy the Euro on the interbank market at a commercial price. Not at the rate of NBU. Continue to buy consignment of products from the manufacturer. Then deliver it to gas stations. If the hryvnia stabiliziruemost and rates at the border will go down, we will see a stabilization in the cost of gasoline. Actually this is happening today. So, gasoline a-95 for the last week the price has not changed. The cost of diesel fuel is also stable. So the question arises, where was Groysman, when prices just started to grow,” – said Gennady Ryabtsev.

Yuri Korolchuk, head of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategy:

“Unfortunately, the prospects are sad for those waiting for lower prices at the pump. Recent trends suggest that growth will continue,” – said Yuri Korolchuk.

The hryvnia should be strengthened for at least another 50 to 70 kopecks., to talk about reducing the cost of gasoline

According to him, fluctuations in the exchange rate, which is today, will not affect the reduction in the cost of fuel. The hryvnia should be strengthened for at least another 50 to 70 kopecks., to talk about reducing the cost of gasoline.

“The logic of the government statement is. It was quite a dramatic increase in the cost of petroleum products at filling stations. However, on the one hand the government has nothing to do with the cost of gasoline, because it is not a regulated market. On the other hand, you need to follow to avoid abuse. After all traders have a margin at the filling stations and tank farms. When rising price of oil, they increase the cost of fuel. Despite the fact that gasoline purchased at the retail price. To say that refills are now at a loss – not. Then they did not work b”, – summed up Korolchuk.

A liter of gasoline A-95 in average in Ukraine is UAH of 30.69. Depending on the gas station, the cost of fuel ranges from to 32.99 28,39 UAH/l of Diesel fuel costs an average of 28.56. Automotive gas average sell for 13,12 UAH/l. the Minimum cost of a network AZS – 12,24, maximum – 13,99.