We must be prepared to destabilization in Russia – Biletsky

Ukraine needs to prepare for destabilization in Russia, said the former commander of the regiment “Azov” Andrey Biletsky. Photo: glavcom.ua

Ukraine needs to prepare for destabilization in Russia. In an interview with “Glavkom”, said the former commander of the regiment “Azov”, the MP Andrey Biletsky.

About weakening Russia

“We have the enemy of Russia, weakening it on all fronts will lead to the fact that it is internally destabilized. And then at some point there will come a possible decision on the restoration of the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state.

Imagine that today Putin ate an Apple, choked, and died. It is the destabilization of Russia. The process of instability, turbulence in the world is accelerating. The main thing in this age to be prepared. Those who are ready, those win. Those who will not be ready, hope for a good neighbor, Obama, Clinton, then trump, then the sanctions or something, those get nothing. Many thousands of volunteers willing to continue the war with Russia. These people might be able to do it on a large number of fronts: Syria, maybe Central Asia or the Caucasus”

About “Bidding” in the Parliament

“A modern Parliament is a very strange formation. The bulk pass those bills, solving issues between two players: the PPO and “popular Front”. All other bills, if they want to reach, for example, the BYUT and the Radical party, it is always a matter of trade. “We will vote for this bill, and we will give you a voice after another.” Sort of offsets”

The war we must win

“We must respond clearly to the question: do we really want to “stop” the war? If so, then this is the way of Cyprus, with its division into “Turkish” and “Greek” part. Or this is an example of Ireland with Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland . So we want to stop the war or do we want to win the war, that is, the return of the territory?

We need the second option, because otherwise all the problems will not go away”

About the third Maidan

“No one will ever be able to calculate what will be the last straw. The next trip of the state leader for half a million dollars for Easter or New year. Maybe another bowing to the IMF, which will lead to catastrophic increase in tariffs or a little lose on the front, or new Vradiivka police arbitrariness. The government is already so weak and distraught for all segments of the population that could fall at any second. That’s why I’m talking about the possibility of the third Maidan”

Of the Union of nationalists and Jaros

“I very much hope that we combine a large number of nationalist groups, which include not only the parties but also public organizations, and among them we see Dmitry”

On the second round of the President Poroshenko and Tymoshenko

“I do not like horror movies, so I will not even consider such a scenario”

Andriy Biletsky passed in Parliament at the extraordinary elections of 2014. I stood in one of the districts in Kiev.