100 days ago, killed Amin Okueva: principal investigators

In the village of glevakha Vasilkovsky district, Kiev region unknown out of the bushes fired at the car, which drove Amina Okueva, and Adam Osman. The woman was lost. Photo: facebook/Amina.Okueva

February 8 marks 100 days since the murder of a doctor, social activist and an army of Chechen origin The Amines AquaWay. Her car was shot at a railroad crossing. Husband Amines, Adam Osman also injured, but survived.

Police have classified the crime as a contract killing. Upon murder the office of public Prosecutor of the Kiev region has registered criminal proceedings and the course took on special control. For detention of criminals in the Kiev region and the neighboring regions was introduced operational plan “Siren”. Among the versions – the murder was organized by Russian special services.

“Two versions – Russian security services and Kadyrov will remain the base,” – said the adviser to the interior Minister Zorian Shkiryak, reports “Today”.

The probability of the Russian track and found the head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak.

“Can’t talk unfounded, there is a trace of the Russian Federation or not, but at the same time, I can assume with high probability that a trace is”, – said Hrytsak.

The killers who killed Okueva, have not been apprehended.

“These people came from the territory of the Russian Federation and carried out tasks of Russian Federation – murder of Adam and Amines. First and foremost, wanted to kill Adam, but since they were close by and firing machine-gun bursts from a Bush in the night, it so happened that Adam was injured, and Amin was killed,” – said the MP Anton Gerashchenko.

While neither MIA nor the Prosecutor of the Kiev region, which keeps the investigation on personal control, about the investigation have not been reported.

30 October at about 20:00 in the village of glevakha Vasilkovsky district, Kiev region unknown out of the bushes fired at the car, which drove 34-year-old Amina Okueva and Adam Osman, 36 years old. She was a volunteer battalion “Kiev-2”. Went to the house, which was built. Was driving Adam. He received a gunshot wound and an open fracture of the right leg. He was operated on. In Aminu got six bullets. She died. The car fired more than 15 bullets. Part was the engine, others riddled interior, mostly on the passenger side, where he sat Amin. The killers were two.