“Bumblebee” work for sure”: a year ago, eliminated the “Givi” – the details of the operation

The operation to destroy the “Givi” was prepared two years – Butusov. Photo: InfoResist

A year ago as a result of operation of Ukrainian special services, was liquidated a commander of a battalion of mercenaries “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy nickname “Givi”.

This was written by a Ukrainian journalist Yury Butusov on his page in Facebook.

“Nemesis caught up with Fat directly into carefully protected database “Somalia” in his office. First talked about a shot from a flamethrower, but shot out of the tube no one showed. So it is likely that it could be mine. Anyone found those who held to the “Givi” who managed to set mine and leave before the explosion, and activate the bomb in the right moment, ” he wrote.

In his words, “the plot of” the elimination of the terrorist could be for the book or the film “Munich”.

“Only much more dramatic and difficult. And learn about this as one of the most brilliant operations conducted by the patriots of Ukraine. A page of history that we all will be proud of. “Givi” was at one time identified as a number one on the list of animals intended for disposal”, – he wrote.

Butusov said that the operation was planned and prepared for two years.

“Givi” was last promoted in the media rossmy and the leader of the mercenaries on the occupied territories, who was in the service. He took serious security measures to get there was not easy. Since such a large retaliation of such importance in the occupied territories were not carried out”, – the journalist added.

February 8 in Makeyevka killed 36-year-old Mikhail Tolstoy, nicknamed Givi. The leader of the terrorist battalion “Somali” blew up in 6:12 with a flame thrower “bumblebee” in his office. The explosion burned all five floors of the building, glass flew from the Windows. Mikhail Tolstoy, a native of Ilovaysk Donetsk region.

Givi indicative questioned the “cyborg” in January 2015. The network has a video where he dumps them from the tank and are satisfied with the interrogation before the cameras of Russian TV channels. Was forced to eat his chevrons. Shot the wounded.

Russian propagandists called the murder of the Donetsk militants Givi. According to them, is “Zorian Shkiryak and representatives of the Ukrainian establishment”