Called favorite music suicide and serial killers

Songs Marilyn Manson has inspired serial killers. Photos YouTube

Made a compilation of songs listened to suicides and serial killers.

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“I’m sorry, I’ll have to kill you” – probably this tape of a popular song “Maybe” from Russian indie-pop Duo “We” provoked a 19-year-old student of the Moscow University named after Bauman Artem Iskhakov to take the life of his girlfriend and mistress Tatiana Strakhova.

Before his death, the boy wrote a note, which has already been pilfered in the network of citations. In it Artem complained of unrequited love, and remembered the song of the group “We”. The musicians faced a wave of criticism, after listening to them teenagers, who are often looking for solutions to their problems in songs and movies.

“We” are unable to resist the attacks and in a couple of weeks without further explanation, stated that the closing of the project.

However, one of the most brutal killers of the era of Charles Manson, on account of dozens of victims and nine life sentences, considered the tenth album “the Beatles” The White Album message from above. For example, the song Helter Skelter, according to Manson, portends a racial war, and the Blackbird is a hymn to the “black” of the government and symbol of the downfall of whites.

In 2011, the 22-year-old Jared Lee Liner made an attempt on U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona. Giffords was shot in the head, but survived. However, his hands were injured more than 20 people, six of them died. The investigation found that, Liner been a fan of the rock band Drowning Pool, famous for its publicized in media the song Bodies. This track supposedly loved the Arizona shooter. Although this track sounds really tough, especially the repetitive chorus of Let the bodies hit the floor, according to participants of the Drowning Pool, a song dedicated to the slam, but there is absolutely no call to violence.

29-year-old American Christopher Duncan was half drunk at the bar, and when he returned home, brutally beat his girlfriend and stuffed her mutilated body in a suitcase. When Duncan began to judge his actions and found similarities with the plot of the clip of Eminem in the song Stan with Dido recorded. The guy did not hide his admiration for the creativity of the rapper.

An elusive serial killer Richard Ramirez crimes were inspired by the music of AC/DC: some scenes he even left lyrics band. Especially Ramirez loved the track Night Prowler. Wielded by the night, creeping into the house with the doors open and brutally mocking their residents. A killer nicknamed the Night Stalker.

In 2006, two students from Denver killed 12 of their classmates and two teachers during lessons, and then killed themselves. Such an act guys motivated creativity Merlyn Manson, who, as it turned out, they are seriously addicted. Against Manson then ganged up media and outraged parents who have accused the singer in a bad influence on teenagers. Merlin is hard enough moved the event and even canceled five concerts in memory of the victims.

In 1994 two 17-year-old just got shot in a patrol car and killed one COP. The guy who pulled the trigger, and before that there were problems with the law: he was arrested for drug possession and carrying of weapons without a license. During the interrogation, the murderer confessed that he listened to Tupac Shakur, who aired their negative attitude to the cops in many songs.

Fan of Slipknot metal from South Africa in 2008, has committed a premeditated group murder. In broad daylight armed with a samurai sword and mask, he broke into the school and killed 16-year-old student and two gardeners. According to friends of the killer, he was into occult practices and Satanism. Eyewitnesses of the tragedy, the school saw a mask that was a killer, similar to the one performed by one of the members of Slipknot.

Musician Elton John canceled two concerts in Las Vegas for the wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle.

The ceremony is scheduled for may 19, 2018. To get to the event, the actor refused performances may 18 and 19.