Despite the promises on the HOOD Poroshenko thrown away billions

In early 2015, Poroshenko promised reduction of expenses on the presidential Administration and the HOOD, remind the media. Photo:

For 4 years after the escape of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych The state administration has not sold a single object, despite the claims of its leadership to get rid of non-core businesses.

This is stated in the investigation of the program “Play on words” (a joint project Bihus.Info and “24 channel”), according to “Nashi Groshi”.

In 2014, the acting President Oleksandr Turchynov signed a decree that HOOD was instructed to take inventory and get rid of the property that is not used to support the activities of the President. In the same year, after winning the presidential election Petro Poroshenko the head HOOD was appointed Sergei Berezenko that is also said about the plans for 200-250 million UAH to sell the resort management on the territory of Russia. And to privatize state-owned enterprises that are not required of the presidential Administration. Then there was even a preliminary list of objects subject to exclusion, but did not get on.

According to the state property Fund in 2015-2017 any object HOOD didn’t sell. And you didn’t even sformula the list for privatization.

Also former head HOOD Berezenko, who is now the people’s Deputy from BPP promised to begin the privatization of dachas. He even signed a decree to allow all citizens to use the houses in the complex Pushcha-Vodytsia and Koncha-Zaspa. But even to get on the territory of the latter without compartmentalized clearance is impossible, and officially free for rent real estate not in today.

Now for living in the dachas have to pay, although the state budget is also compensation to companies servicing the systems in the forest-Vodice and Concha Zaspa.

In early 2015, Poroshenko also promised to reduce spending on the presidential Administration and the HOOD. In the same year on the activities of the office and the office of the President budget has allocated one billion UAH. Next year instead of cutting the budget of GUD increased by UAH 200 million, and in 2017 – all on 1 billion UAH. On the current year maintenance costs of the President increased by more than UAH 300 million.

The state administration subordinate to the President.

Financing of activity of administration is carried out at the expense of the state budget.