Detained a gang of serial thieves apartment

Photo: Police

In Chernihiv police detained three serial robbers apartments.

They robbed more than 10 apartments. Assigned values for 500 thousand UAH. police said the Chernigov region

“During carrying out operatively-search actions Chernihiv police received information that the thefts involved a group of three people – a couple from Kharkiv and Chernihiv accomplice. All three of them are constantly using drugs. Everyone has convictions for various crimes,” write the police.

The thieves were detained when they tried to Rob an apartment in one of the buildings.

They face imprisonment of up to 6 years.

January 25 In Kiev, detained members of an organized criminal group from among the current employees of the criminal police. The detained militiamen contributed to the activities of thieves on the territory of the Kiev railway station.