“In the province need to take his hair and pull out of the swamp” – Director Pavel Ostrikov

Ukrainian tragicomedy “Issue-97” directed Paul Ostrikova received a nomination for the European film Academy. The tape will be eligible for the best short film of the Old world. Video technician from a provincial town, meets her high school crush. The woman had not seen in 20 years, trying to start a new life in the story. In Ukraine “Issue-97” already noted by awards at the Odessa international film festival and at the festival “Youth. Prologue.” Pavel Ostrikov says about the film and work on their debut full meter.

For the film “Issue-97” you become a Director and screenwriter. How did his idea?

The prototype of the hero of the film “Release 97” saw on Podol in Kiev. A middle-aged man was selling near the underpass of the TV antenna. I was flooded with memories from my childhood. Came to us TV technician for help. I was perceived as a magician who revived a “dead” TV. But over time, this profession has died out. In our city (Krasyliv, Khmelnytska region – Gazeta.ua) a TV technician to be retrained on modern technology and could not. Every year they became less. Units held for the profession because I wanted stability. But life is so dynamic, staying one day, there is a risk that will never catch up. This is the first time with a character I built a whole story. Wanted to show this man, his profession, life and Glubokoe alone. Not adapted to modernity. Dreams that never came. Heroes of my films middle age. Because this is a period in life when a person is difficult to change something and he often folds his hands. It is important to show to those who are faced with this problem, never gave up. Changed her life, fought to the end. In big cities it is easier because you can see the possibilities. And in the province is necessary, as Baron Munchausen, to take his hair and pull out of the swamp.

Author: Taras Podolyan

Director Pavel Ostrikov

You research people who live in the Ukrainian province. In our film, this question comes up often, in recent years, full meter it was a Comedy “Pryputni” Arcadia Nepytalyuk. Why are you interested in this topic?

I live in Kiev for about 10 years. Do not feel that it is enough to know the city to tell the story of Kiev. In the small town he lived for 18 years, still often go. A big part of me stayed there. My heroes are people of middle age. Write about them, because he afraid to be in their place. The average age – age crisis, when the person must decide to move on, or stop and give up. I’m lonely. Not physically, but the feeling is everyone sooner or later. Wanted to show those people who’s loneliness is off the charts. It’s hard for me to say, than the lives of my generation, because I’m among them – it is hard to keep a distance. But I’m changing, I feel that with each film I’m interested in other problems and other topics.

The average age – age crisis, when the person must decide to move on, or stop and fold their hands

To “Release 97” was even 4 films. Why do you think this got significant attention?

“Release 97” – a film that became a turning point for me. Although the “Golden Love” did all the dirty work. It would not be his “Output” were a movie, which was noticed but not noted. In the end the hero binds his beloved to the bed because she wants to leave. They had sex, everything was fine, but she decided to leave him. Because of the long loneliness man a little crazy. Says related to the woman that he loves her. She screams and tries to break free. He can not stand the noise. Goes to the room where there is a whole wall of TVs. Include them. Show his favorite program “Musical greetings”. Occurs kakafoniya with a female screaming and soulful songs. The man was crying. Because he’s not a maniac, and in deep despair. Many people do not like the end of the film. Because 80 percent of the paintings a romantic Comedy that gradually turns into some kind of Thriller. Such a drastic change of genre unsettling. The audience is the hero loved, and he became antagonistam. But in this film and interesting thing is that the twist at the end changes the mood.

Author: Taras Podolyan

Director Pavel Ostrikov

It is believed that in Ukraine there is a good movie, not because we don’t have the money, but because we have nothing to say. Is that so?

The first film “bus Stop” we rented for 1600 hryvnia. Spent money on petrol and rental costumes. Did not pay neither the film crew nor actors. Because it was a student film, and everyone was interested to try myself in the movie. In the story, the young Singh and Ilona go to the wedding feast in Kiev. On the way needs to stay because the bride have to pee. Go into the woods, where she makes the claim regarding her husband and his mother. When the groom decides to fight back, the girl loses consciousness. Singh runs for help and returns when Ilona finds. The problem is not the money. If the Director has something to say – it is possible to remove the camera phone. It is clear that the quality is poor. But it will be the chance to get you noticed and gave the money to another, better film.

. The problem is not the money. If the Director has something to say – it is possible to remove the camera phone

The design of your debut film, “You space” presented at the French film market Les Arcs Coproduction Villages. What is this movie? How did his plan?

When I was at the National aviation University, participated in the festival “Student spring”. There is a theatrical performance that you have to prepare each institution. We wondered what would happen if the Earth burst into pieces, and in space will people. We have shown this story is very sketchy. Now there is only an idea. The result is a story: is Andrew Miller, a space trucker who transports radioactive waste from the earth into a black hole. It’s a long journey – two years in one direction, two years ago. In Ukraine he works on a nuclear elektrostantsiy, this work is considered a base. On the ship he was alone. With him onboard computer Maxim, which is programmed to entertain and bring him out of depression. During one of the returns, the Earth explodes. He is happy, because there is nobody liked and it was not held. In space, he was away from their problems and anxieties. Eventually he realizes that it is not life. Reserves he remained for three years. In a moment of desperation, he got a call from the other end of the galaxy. This is Catherine, a French technician from the station “viola”. They begin to talk. This is the story of the last love. Wanted to show the gap between people. I wanted to disperse their maximum status, age, language. He’s older, and it is also troubling. He is not very handsome, knows French, she is Ukrainian. Speaking through a translator. France is the country of love and wonder if this will be the last love, one of them had to be from there.

France is the country of love and wonder if this will be the last love, one of them had to be from there

In 28 years you plan to withdraw the first full meter very quickly. Not in a hurry?

Very in a hurry. Short film I was already late. “Madonna” is the sixth short film and it’s a lot. Because even well-known Directors shot two or three short films, on full. Or even just full-length film. I believe that if it were up to me, a feature film I directed two years ago. Then there was the producer, wanted to make a feature film with “Stop”. As it turned out the movie wanted to make just in order to launder money. But it turned out that I had no diploma from the Director and we filmed this story. A month everyone calmed down and returned to his former life. I got nothing more on this issue with no one contacted me. Full meter is worth a lot of money, even now we do not know, whether gather the required amount. If the pitching of Goskino we will potawatomis there.

Movie wanted to make just in order to launder money

What do you want to tell in “Madonna”? Will it be similar to the previous movies?

“Madonna” is the sixth short film. With this tape we plan to go to big festivals, but it’s a lottery. So it was with “Release-97”, nobody thought that it will take in Locarno. In the movie wanted to show the magical realism of a provincial town. To combine a bit of mysticism, as in “Stop” and life “Issue-97”. In the story of a married, middle-aged wife treats her husband like a child. A lot of such pairs. A woman prepares the man, cleans for him and does not expect any concern from him. At some point it becomes a 7-year-old boy. And the woman has to live with it. In this film there is no teachings, or knows how to rectify the situation. I just wanted to show this problem. It was interesting to explore how love transformirovalsya in some other kind of love.

Author: Taras Podolyan

Director Pavel Ostrikov

In your films blended humor and inner anguish. How achieved this effect and what is the reaction you expect?

When people find out that I’m a comedian, I think that in life I’m always cheerful. In fact it is not. For me Comedy is the perfect genre. Because in our lives one after the other moments of funny and sad. I don’t like movies in which there are no jokes, “because we shoot straight.” Humor has a place in every film, somewhere more, somewhere less. No need to artificially create a clean genres. Better when they are mixed. The best of the genre, the tragicomedy, not invented. You can laugh, but in the end it remains something to think about. “You – space” is also a tragicomedy. And the following films I will be shooting in the same genre, with the rare exception of some experiments. The short film, you can shoot straight. There is a short period of time and in fact may happen, that in 15 minutes there’s nothing funny will happen. Full meter is weird.

The best of the genre, the tragicomedy, not invented. You can laugh, but in the end it remains something to think about

You are by education a lawyer, and started making movies. As learned and whether in today’s world a University education to become a successful Director?

I still don’t consider myself a Director. Just afraid that others and working on my scripts will not remove the stories. To make a movie is difficult, and special education is not required for this. This is at the expense of the script. With a Director more difficult. The technical part of the study still had, and not to say that it was interesting. I read a lot of books. The simplest and most effective American screenwriter Robert McKee “Story in a million”. She taught you to create scripts without plot holes and gaps. Watching movies is also a good school. You kind of intuitively start to feel like you need to tell a story, to understand what is important and what is not. The film “Oil” Paul Thomas Anderson I try to review before each shot. Because I like its symbolism, like the actors, dynamics and tempo. The long shots in Anderson’s you feel the reality. A person can show from different angles and the viewer doesn’t understand why they have to see a character from below or from behind the cactus, if you can just watch and not miss anything. To feel that history is happening here and now. It gives a lot of opportunities for actors. They play full on, no breaks in the moments when they go, say, think. The main problem is to make those shots dynamic.

I still don’t consider myself a Director. Just afraid that others and working on my scripts will not remove the stories

What now needs to speak in Ukrainian cinema?

I’m not an actual Director and not looking for it. At festivals it’s hard to notice some sort of trend, except for basic things in every country. Every person loved, you feel alone, suffering. If I came up with the story of ATO, I would have it removed. But to sit and say that I need a story about the ATO, because it is true, I cannot and would not advise anyone. I have the idea comes spontaneously. Even a genre like Comedy or drama, I do not determine. It follows from my sense of self. Chase the actuality of events is not necessary. Need the distance to reflect this more realistic and interesting. Now, as always, an interesting story of ordinary people, even if they occur against the background of great events. The best war films are those that it does not show. For example, the film “Twenty days without war” Alexey Herman. War there as war events, quite a bit is shown at the beginning and the end. But the main events take place without her. It has a better atmosphere than if the whole movie continued shooting. In Hollywood shows that are now interested in stories from real life. It really is a documentary history that turn in art. Now the line between documentary and art film erased. And maybe in the future we are waiting for their symbiosis.

In Kyiv cinema “Oscar” was held presentation of the film “legend of the Carpathians” Director Sergey SABONA. The historical adventure film tells about the leader of the liberation movement of the Carpathian rebels in the eighteenth century. In the film, he appears as the bearer of the national idea. Represents the laws of the mountains and justice.