“It sounds as if began to destroy everything” – in the edition of “Vesti” carried out searches

Photo: Faceboook Oksana Omelchenko

In the office business center “Gulliver”, where the newspaper, Internet newspaper, radio “Vesti”, was raided by the National police and the chief military Prosecutor’s office of the GPU. About Faceboook’s chief editor Oksana Omelchenko.

“Well, everything started! About 6 in the morning surrounded “Gulliver”, coming to our floor such nice people. Colleagues from the radio that sound like began to destroy everything”, she said.

According to the website of the publication, law enforcement officers are not allowed to work places of employees of the radio.

“The security forces carried out of the room radio things, and the lawyers of the company do not pass”, – stated in the message.

15 Dec 2017 staff of the national Agency for the identification, investigation and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes said that their checks to resist in the premises of the “unison group” (belonging to ex-Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko), where the office of the media holding “Vesti”. 16 November 2017 office of the company, in addition to representatives of the National Agency, came as military prosecutors. Law enforcement authorities claim that the holding company linked to the scheme of theft of public funds Alexander Klimenko and must agree on the terms of use of the premises in the Mall “Gulliver” with the national Agency.