Militants LDNR is preparing for the advent of the Javelin Ukrainians

The militants are actively engaged in the exercises. Photo: The National Interest

On Donbass fighters are preparing for the birth of the American man-portable anti-tank missile systems Javelin.

For this case the terrorists were focused on supporting combat readiness, reports the “Information resistance”.

The artillery of fighters ready at any time to strike the Mat. The fighters work out the issues of deployment and access to advanced firing positions for shooting.

In winter, the militants carried out exercises in the areas of “Central”, “Brave”, “Impact” and “seaside”

In units 1 and 2 army corps of fighters began to work Committee under the leadership of officers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. These commissions checking readiness and the quality of the works on the equipment of armored vehicles more protection from Javelin.

Having a Javelin, Ukraine will not go on the offensive against the militants ORDO, but the occupied territories will definitely return. This opinion was expressed by a military expert and blogger Alexey arestovich.