On hearing about the change of Yanukovych, the truth about the “green men” in Crimea

“Green men” were Russian paratroopers and military of the black sea fleet of Russia. Photo: UKRINFORM

In February and March 2014, during the seizure of Crimea by the Russian military, which was later called “green men” blocked the Ukrainian military units.

This was during the trial of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, said the former commander of the naval forces Sergei Haiduk, transfers “observer”.

According to him, 27 February the military in the Crimea learned of the seizure of administrative buildings and increased combat readiness.

“Blocking of military units, which began after infidelity Berezovsky (former Navy commander) and fell on March 3-6, 2014, was carried out so-called women, green men. We were able to identify them as soldiers of the black sea fleet, was identified as the servicemen of the airborne troops of the Russian Federation, ” said Hayduk.

Hayduk noted that the intelligence service was aware of the fact that 23 February on the territory of the 810th brigade of the black sea fleet arrived cars of traffic police and lights. These forces could be involved in the transport of Yanukovych.

It is noted that ships of the black sea fleet was involved in the blocking locations in Sevastopol.

Ex-defense Minister Igor Tenyukh at the trial of treason Yanukovych explained that on 25 March 2014, resigned because his plans are not supported. According to him, he resigned, since after the implementation of the decision on bringing the Armed forces of Ukraine in full combat readiness was not supported by his offer to “go on break” in the Crimea.