On the Crimean border, the FSB seized a shipment of marijuana in Ukrainian

The FSB seized 600 grams of cannabis in Ukrainian on the Crimean border. Photo: Cream.inform.

In Russian-occupied Crimea officers of the border Department of the FSB detained at the border of the 30-summer citizen of Ukraine who tried to smuggle on the Peninsula more than half a kilo of cannabis.

This was reported by website of the Pro-Russian Crimea.inform.

“As a result of examination of a vehicle rear row of passenger seats found a cache made of plastic attached to the bottom of the machine, which discovered two bundles of cylindrical shape, wrapped in duct tape blue. When opening one of them discovered the substance of green color”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the “guards” had an accurate real-time information on drug trafficking and conducted a vehicle inspection, which drove people.

“The examination confirmed that the withdrawn substance – cannabis weighing about 600 grams. A resident of Henichesk followed in Simferopol to sell drugs to local drug dealers. The violator is detained. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case”, – stated in the message.

In the Russian-occupied Simferopol, Russian security forces raided the Crimean Tatar Mustafa kalafatova the morning of 7 February. It is noted that security officials arrived at 4 am.