Showed hidden SAM “Arrow” militants in occupied Makeevka

Author: OSCE

The OSCE has shown the hidden anti-aircraft missiles rebels.

In occupied by the Russian mercenaries-terrorists Makiivka the drone of the OSCE has recorded seven anti-aircraft missile complexes “Strela-10”.

This was reported by blogger Necro_Mancer on his Twitter page.

The photo shows that the SAM is located near houses and camouflaged.

It is reported that SAM recorded on Monday, 5 February.

OSCE recorded on the territory of the temporarily occupied districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions 7 anti-aircraft missile complexes of the type 9K35 “Strela-10”, which is a violation of the Minsk agreements. February 6, observers recorded 4 reactive multiple rocket launchers near the settlement novoamvrosiivs’ke stated in the Mission report of 7 February.