“Smart ballerina will never leave shoes unattended” – prima Natalia Matsak

February 17 at the National Opera of Ukraine will take place the premiere of the classic ballet “La Bayadere”, avstriiskogo composer Ludwig Minkus. The cast of the canadian dancer Matthew Golding and Ukrainian prima Natalia Matsak. She talks about the realities of modern ballet.

Your first major achievement was the Pas de Trois in the ballet “La Bayadere”. What memories do you have? Now dancing in this ballet, do you feel any difference?

I was 18 years old. Two weeks later, after I came to the theater, dancing trio in the act of shadows. Then I didn’t have any impressions of this ballet. Was scared and nervous. I wanted to dance as best you can to get a ticket to the future. This time going to dance my favorite role of Nikia. Now this work on extensive experience impressions. The main part of this ballet in the world remain unchanged. I danced with different partners in different theatres. Each put something of their own vision and experience.

Author: Sergey Starostenko

Prima Natalia Matsak in rehearsal

You toured and you are invited in different countries of the world. What distinguishes the Ukrainian school of ballet from approaches in the West or the East?

Ukrainian ballet school is very different from what you do in the world. In the West the emphasis is on the legs, in Russia – on his hands. The French pay attention to footsteps, Americans are more athletic. But when the artist travels a lot, he becomes the embodiment of it all. Ukrainian dancers are very emotional, sometimes they lack of restraint and academic.

Party in which ballet was the most important and why?

Important only the party which is prepared to date. My style changes from what the team dance and with whom. Remember “La Bayadere” with Vadim Muntagirov (Premier of the Royal ballet, London, UK – Gazeta.ua) in Paris. There is a scene when the bayadère Nikiya after the speech brought a basket of flowers. She is happy, because he thinks that they were sent by beloved warrior Solor. But from under the leaves a snake crawls out and bites the beauty. The gift is actually sent the Rajah’s daughter. I never thought that in the scene with the snake partner can give such a promise. Hitting showed restrained stress. Don’t like it when artists are too emotional. Better when they put more meaning in movement and look.

Author: Sergey Starostenko

Prima Natalia Matsak in rehearsal

Ballet in the view of most is not very popular among the viewers. Need to do something to spread his popularity massively, or should it remain a niche art for a sophisticated audience?

Before the military was taught to play the piano. This was done for all-round development. Such art forms as classical music, ballet, Opera bring a sense of beauty. Do not think that if you have not studied for eight years in the ballet school, do not understand ballet. You just have to go to the theatre and try to get pleasure. It will be easier, if before something is read about the play. Cultural development of the country should be in the first place, if we want to live in an adequate society. To Ukrainians respected and appreciated abroad. People can not only drink, eat and work, must be something else for the soul. No matter how tried to come up with a new bike in the music, do it based on the classics. In the ballet there are many modern trends. In the world they for a long time, Ukraine is only beginning to emerge. Young people are very interested. In ballet there is a caveat – if you’re classic, you can always learn the art Nouveau. But not Vice versa. It is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle – yoga, diet. There was even a body-ballet. In fact it is the lesson of the classics is what we do daily to prepare your body to work. It is very common in Europe. Men and women come and dance for good posture and better blood circulation. After that, begin to visit the theatre because he seems more accessible and understandable. Actually on stage we rabotaem in order to lift the spectator above his problems, give him peace. A person who is not very interesting to watch the dance, can sit and listen to the orchestra. Besides it’s living art. Every performance, even if it is one and the same setting, changing. It depends on the performers themselves, their mood, today’s manners. The orchestra also plays differently. It is the human factor and always exclusive.

People can not only drink, eat and work, must be something else for the soul.

There were some funny things during performances? How do you behave in such situations?

From what slid the leg, I fell a few times on stage. We dance on the plastic. He taped with duct tape from above and from within. Is of varying quality, very slippery, or sticky that it sticks. When you’re falling and flying, trying to get ready. Watching not to get injured and take an appropriate position. At this point, I always laugh. Sometimes partners can hit each other, to break costumes. I had a performance of “the Nutcracker” in Paris pyatitysyachnyj hall. In the scene when Drosselmeyer picks up Mary, his suit a button is caught on my dress and ripped off half the skirt. I didn’t know how to cover itself. On the one hand felt that he had to continue the show, and on the other that it is impossible. As a result, I tried not to turn to the audience back, and to dance we had the other half of the act. Sometimes during a pause in the hall someone sneezes. Necessarily a dramatic moment, when the characters swear eternal love or die, then laugh all the dancers and the audience.

Author: Sergey Starostenko

Prima Natalia Matsak in rehearsal

There are rumors of competition between the dancers. You have experience with this? Is there some kind of hierarchy?

I love the competition. She motivates and makes you move forward. In dancers no holidays and almost no weekends. I have last years there were a lot of teams. Every time appear in the environment of a different perception. To me pay maximum attention, and I always have to prove that the best. For leaders it is impossible to work in an environment where there is no competition. She is always there, but not such aggressive, as shown by Director Darren Aronofsky film “Black Swan”. Smart ballerina will never leave shoes unattended. This basic care. There are people who can’t cope with the emotional pressure and my own ego. Not just before performances haven’t found a thing that I needed to exit. So undermine the nervous system. Once I’d cut one of the three petticoats. Not immediately noticed. They are made of chiffon, very thin. Still don’t know who and why this was made. Acted like it was.

Smart ballerina will never leave shoes unattended. This basic care.

You received the title of Honored artist of Ukraine. It gives in fact in the modern world? What is the reward for you was the most important?

Every award is important because it is the result of professional stage and a lot of work. I used to come out on the big stage with a lot of touring, so never felt the need to visit the competitions. I’m a dancer not a contest, because it is very emotional. Awards are technical artists. The important thing is composure. Not always those dancers who get the first place in the competition, really the best. Those who were able to cope with their nerves and to make these minutes the desired result. Earlier contests had a strong jury. There were professionals from all over the world, from which obatala trembling. The award, which I received for the period more important than the first place that we have today. Artists with the title previously was very little, and it was weighty. To date, many of Commerce. The title given to people who have no professional status. I became Honored artist of Ukraine in 26 years. I announced in Germany on tour before the show. Two hours later, was the ballet “Swan lake”, and I ate danced. Because got almost a nervous breakdown from surprise. Now, if I imagine a person with the words “people’s artist”, do not say anything about his profesionalisme. Because only those places where you work, invitations, the names of the partners say about the level. In Europe and the world about the awards don’t even ask, this is only part of your summary.

Now, if I imagine a person with the words “people’s artist”, do not say anything about his profesionalisme.

Ballet begin to engage at a young age. In fact, the decision to give life to the ballet take the parents. As this has happened to you?

I’m 4 years old danced in different groups, but only for development. The teacher advised the parents to send me to ballet school when I was 10. I suffered terrible. Because the dance school – this is not dancing, and labor. Put me to the machine, the first years I studied the technical side, Batman, plie, fouette turns – the basics. And it’s very boring, especially for a kid who used to dance in bright costumes and have fun. There it was. This ploughing – each movement you have to practice many times in a row, monotone and long. In my head all the time the question was: “when are we going to dance?”. I could not understand what they do. In 9th grade, I wanted to pay, so I stopped working. I was just not interested. But in the first year he knew that it was not going anywhere – neither in exercises that Scarecrow injuries or in figure skating. Graduated perfectly. In the theater, I put on a small, but solo. I had good teachers, given the opportunity to understand themselves, to overcome fears.

Author: Sergey Starostenko

Prima Natalia Matsak in rehearsal

Are there any qualities, without which it is not necessary to start a career dancer?

The dancer needs to understand what she wants in a profession. Some of the rest of his career dancing in the kardebalet, quite successfully, and it suits them. We must understand that ballet is a beautiful art, and we must do everything possible to their appearance not to spoil it. No matter what place you stood, should be the best. The main thing – discipline. I’m quite lazy. May not want to work steadily, but necessary. Most of life is work through “not”. I recently came from a tour. Worked for 17 “Nutcracker” for 14 days. The scenes that one and a half times more than in Ukrainian theaters. And it’s very tiring because you would all have to run. Over time, she learned to accumulate. Ballet is not only a large physical and psychological burden, emotional impact. Sometimes the audience gets all these emotions, when people applaud you for it so that the walls shake. Then opens a second wind.

. May not want to work steadily, but necessary. Most of life is work through “not”.

For the development of your profession you have to put tremendous physical effort. Did you receive any injuries? How to convince yourself to move on?

The ballet dancer’s threshold for pain is not adequate. We used to Wake up with pain, to work with her. Who has a back problem, someone in the knees or feet. Towards the end of his career, the soloists become like doctors. Know any cure for their sickness. Know how to tone muscles, relieve inflammation. You can fly across the ocean and in the evening to dance. Should be able very quickly to be in good shape. Once I danced in the Mikhailovsky theatre’s “Laurencia”. Had only 5 days to prepare the performance. It’s heavy – a lot of hopping combinations plus acting. Outside the summer. Through the terrible heat of muscle was two times more. The fastest method is to immerse feet in a bucket of ice. And ultimately only a proper diet and lots of water. I’ve seen a lot of feet of a ballerina, sometimes she could not stand the sight. Many deformed fingers. Men, too, this happens despite the fact that they work in ballet flats and jumps, landing on the cushions of the fingers. More loads, probably just miners. The viewer sees what the artist, when not dancing on stage. In between the exits we don’t stop, because you can’t cool down. Behind the scenes, all continue to dance, to move.

Author: Sergey Starostenko

Prima Natalia Matsak in rehearsal

I’ve seen a lot of feet of a ballerina, sometimes she could not stand the sight.

The most famous ballet movement fouettés. The first Russian ballerina, repeated 32 fouettés, was Mathilde Kschessinska, about her recently released film. How do you mastered? How many fouettés maximally once performed?

In comparison with the past century, the ballerina became higher. Increase physical capabilities. Suffer from this technique. Europe will not understand if the lead dancer does not twist the 32 fouettés. Those who can not, are justified by the fact that Maya Plesetsk was only doing 16. But she was the only one, do not wriggle. When we were released, some did and for 64 fouettes. This movement gives the load on the vestibular apparatus, and affects concentration. Can the office chair spin around a minute and understand in a fraction of a percent, what happens in the mind of the ballerina. Earlier in the theatre the status of prima had 1-2 dancers. They had the whole repertoire. Not everyone had the right to dance “Swan lake” or “La Bayadere”. The unit could be completely different in all performances. Because this is a different era in the story, manners, age and status of characters. To facilitate the technical side of performing in order to reach the center of the stage and become – are not allowed. Because every imperfect movement production breaks down and loses its value.

Can the office chair spin around a minute and understand in a fraction of a percent, what happens in the mind of the ballerina.

There are so tradition to sell the ballerina costume at the end of her career. Why is it necessary? You bought someone’s stack?

As soon as you come to the theater, there is no opportunity to buy nice suits. We did them that we were offered the theatre. At me altered dress for the street dancer from “don Quixote” with a suit of honored artist Yana Gladkikh. It was a rough version of the costume for the audience, he looked fantastic, but if you turn and see what it was collected, it was possible to be terrified. It is always a special happiness to someone’s suit. Many people want it on my suit. I still dance, but they fit and I can buy it, or some detail. I propose to tell you where you can get the same, but they want it my with my energy. At least explain it. Many children, students, graduates buy packs and it’s inspiration. Wearing a pack feel better than they have is nice.

How long are you planning to dance? What you plan to do next?

Our profession really makes the body. Many of the dancers 25 no longer able to do something. Someone dancing to 50 if allows physiology. All individually. I will dance how I get enough inspiration, energy and health. And while I see the sense in that. Because to work, not have fun, not make it to the desired level, it is not nice.

In Kiev took place the presentation of the prima ballerina of the Berlin theater “Yana Salenko and world ballet stars”.