Stones from the sky: in Alushta cleared waterfront – photo

Photo: Crimea.Realities

In the seaside town of Alushta occupied Crimea at the end of January municipal services demolished 8 shops, cafes, a shopping center and a hotel.

This was reported by the website “Crimea.realities.”

“Now the issue of the demolition of five facilities,” – said in the message of the Crimean Goskomrezerva.

The occupiers claim that the demolished objects allegedly located at the utility and the lands of common use.

“The demolition was carried out not by judicial decision and by order of the Kremlin-controlled Crimea government, which recognized the facilities on the waterfront Professor’s corner “unauthorized buildings” and subject to demolition within seven days”, – stated in the message.

In September 2017 the architectural and town-planning Council of the occupied Crimea approved the inclusion in the zone with special conditions of use of the quay area, including the Professor’s corner and riverside Park in Alushta.

“Within these zones prohibits the construction, reconstruction and major repairs of objects of capital construction without coordination with the Executive authorities of the Crimea”, – is reported.

At the hearing of the treason Yanukovych surfaced the truth about “little green men” in Crimea. In February-March 2014 during the seizure of Crimea by the Russian military, which was later called “green men” blocked the Ukrainian military units. This was during the trial of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said the former commander of Naval forces Sergey Gayduk.