Strelkov explained why Putin and the “elite” abandoned the Donbass

Offended by terrorist Gunmen debunked the cult of Putin because of the failure in the Donbass. Photo: The Argument

Russian “elite”, which took the decision about the annexation of Crimea, and also considered the possibility of creating a new Russia, did not realize that will enter into a tough confrontation with the US and the West through Ukraine.

This was stated by the ex-leader of terrorists of DNR Igor Strelkov (Girkin) in a new interview, the “Browser”.

According to the terrorist, when it happened, they got scared. And maybe that’s why the war in the Donbass Russia has decided to freeze.

“Our dear state elite came to the affected area is private property, she is abroad, offshore Bank accounts,” – said the Gunmen.

According to the terrorist, thus, the elite in Russia has tried to protect itself from further sanctions by the West and the United States.

“They stayed in place, began to stagnate in indecision. The result is a situation where the Kremlin has tried to fix the status quo, to freeze the war, to postpone the war for later, maybe it will resolve itself,” – said Fusiliers.

In the sanctions list of the “Kremlin report” prepared by the United States, the Finance Ministry added 9 “Ministers” of ORDO, 1 “Deputy Minister” and the former Luhansk official and his relative.