Tajik performer recorded the song on poems by Shevchenko

Jonibek Murodov sang “Acbi sustris mi znovu” Shevchenko. Photos live.karabas.com

Tajik singer Jonibek Murodov who performs under the pseudonym Jonibek, has released a music video for the song “Miracle”.

Song performed in Ukrainian language. Based on the poem by Taras Shevchenko”, Acbi sustris mi znovu”.
The video was shot in Kiev.

“It’s primarily a story of high regard, honor and beauty, tenderness and faithfulness, all that the great poet was trying to Express to us in his immortal work. It is truly a miracle. The “miracle” that should be in every man’s life!”- said the performer.

Jonibek previously introduced the song “goodbye”, where the text was a poem by Ivan Franko.

Ukrainian artist and publisher, Leonid Andrievskiy supported the initiative to declare 2018 as the Year of the adoption of the state language. Believes that it will contribute to the publishing of Ukrainian literature.