The expert said the cause of the cheapening of meat

Ukrainians associate the change in the cost of meat with the decline of the dollar to the lowest in two months. Photo: FitExpert

In Ukraine cheaper meat. So, in Kiev pork sell for 80 UAH per kg a Few weeks ago, it cost about 120 UAH per kg.

The flesh of beef is now selling for 100 UAH. Before pounds product had to pay 130 UAH and above. People associate change with the decline of the dollar to the lowest in two months, writes “Today”.

Director of the Association of suppliers of retail chains Alexey Doroshenko believes that the decline in meat prices should not be linked with the strengthening of the hryvnia.

“Data on the beef trade have not yet. The fall in pork prices due to reduced demand. Last year in the first quarter of meat also rose in price slowly, in the second and third – much faster. This year too, in mid-January, the pork producers began to gradually reduce the price , and then in the regions went in different trends. For example, last week the Western regions slightly increased selling price, in Central and Eastern Ukraine the wholesale price fell,” – said Doroshenko.

On 31 January 2018 the average price of potatoes in the Capital market of Kyiv is UAH 4 per kg. Thus, for the first month of the new year this product has risen in price by 50 kopecks cabbage at the end of January rose by 1 UAH. On average – 4 UAH per kg. in addition, 50 kopecks rose onions. Last month, a kilo of onions sold at UAH 4. On January 31 pounds of carrots on Kyiv wholesale market can be purchased for UAH 5.