The refuge teaches how to cook cakes in your own cafe

Photo: Photo from the page 《Shop Coffee Tea Baking True Values》

The business started with selling point of coffee and tea in the residential district of Kamenka. 650 Euro gained coffee machine, 4 Windows and 2 closets, rented a room is 7 m2. The money was given for one of the grant programs support displaced persons.

“The idea to open the point of sale of coffee and tea came spontaneously in the evening. The machine saw for the first time when she was brought to us. My husband sat down to read the instructions, the eldest son helped to set – says Olga Varakuta refugee from Makeyevka in Donetsk region. – Once invited to cook lunch for the event. The organizers were amazed that we took care of the vegetarians, though, and warned us a few hours before. It was a good experience. Decided to expand”.

In August 2017, has already opened a café with homemade cakes “Choperia”. For this rented room of an old café, where there was a repair and some furniture. 38 thousand hryvnias on the extension given in the international organization for the grant program. The money bought equipment for baking desserts, refrigerators.

Author: Photo from the page 《Shop Coffee Tea Baking True Values》

For refrigerators and equipment for café spent 38 thousand UAH

“We do not have enough knowledge to complete all necessary documents for work. It turns out that in Kamenskoye many cafes are on the second group of taxation and can not serve legal entities, such as international and charitable foundations. We can work with them, – says Olga. – Do not know how to sell themselves. Still working on the proposal and menu”.

In the hall cafe “Choperia” can accommodate up to 25 people. The most profitable orders – organization of events, catering. Per month salary of two employees, taxes, rent and utilities spend about 20 thousand UAH. The cost of the cakes is from 15 to 30 UAH for 100 g.

“Before anything more complicated of Charlotte not baked. Thanks to public organization graduated from pastry courses in the river. Recipes taken from the notebooks, which was conducted during the study, – says Olga. One of our fans, invited the participants of the show “Master chef” to the diner. They came to congratulate the winner of the project of Comenius”.

Author: Photo from the page 《Shop Coffee Tea Baking True Values》

The winner of the show “Master chef” visiting cafes

The café has a facebook page “Shop Coffee Tea Baking True Values”. The organization was at Google, where visitors leave reviews. Every city events handing out business cards and sell cakes, tea and coffee. Olga maintains a list of regular customers and calls them when is their favorite cakes.

“We have a wide audience. In the evening come the teenagers, a day – grandmothers with their grandchildren. Once a month a table booked four ladies incline age. Known Cofariu “favorite café”, – says Olga. – Immigrants often come to order cakes. Support each other.”

Olga dreams of a bright and spacious room with an open kitchen for master classes on cooking for adults.

“One guy asked to teach baking cupcakes. Wanted to make a romantic gift to the girl. He from beginning to end all made. Money for advice not taken, only for the materials, – says Olga. Adult girls are also interested in the study. Would like to learn how to cook something delicious for their husbands.”

In 2014, Olga Varakuta, and his family moved from Makeyevka Donetsk region in Kamenskoye (Dneprodzerzhinsk former). With 18 years of selling lingerie, pantyhose and clothes. The market was several points.

Children from families pereselencev of Donetsk and Lugansk regions recorded the audio story for children with visual impairment.