The Russian Cossacks are muzzled clip from the animated series

In the video of the Russian group of Cossacks tortured and thrown in a cell. Photos

Russian group “Gromyko” released animated etericnih video for the song “Deliver to Moscow”. The characters of the series “How the Cossacks …”in a video being tortured and thrown into a prison cell. On the walls – writing on the surzhik.
In the drawn roller was severely ridiculed what is happening in Russia, and activities of the Russian Federation in relation to other countries, including Ukraine. In the video there are shots where a rocket shoots down a passenger plane, and where tanks go among the houses.

The guardsmen of Ivan the terrible with the “birch machine” attack all alive

All of the characters are cartoonish, in the style of the fair drawings of the artist Vasya Lozhkin. That the guardsmen of Ivan the terrible, who “birch guns” attack all alive. Among the victims – Peter I, Alexander Pushkin, writer and dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the hero of the cartoon pokemon Pikachu.

Video removed animator from Belarus, using the pseudonym Fedor is Bald.
He came up and drew video, then sent it to the group of “Gromyko” via e-mail.

Invented and painted video, then sent it to the group of “Gromyko” by email

“Our first reaction was surprise, because” Gromit” not close to the aesthetics of postmodernism with its cult of artistic permissiveness and outright delight macabra. However, after reviewing the video “Deliver to Moscow” several times, we decided that it was a strong work, having the right to life. Even if the song is about something else, ” said the band.

Fedor is Bald, lives in Minsk and works in the computer games industry. The creation of the video took him about three months.

To stop shooting and start building, you have to stop shooting and start building

“The movie looks like, because I was haunted by one question: how is it that with all the endless possibilities offered by the harmony, the person chooses the chaos and madness? Well, mom’s not reading children stories about how good it is to cheat, to be angry, to fight, to kill. In this regard, I want to wish all the men with guns from our planet that they soon realized that in order to stop shooting and start building, you have to stop shooting and start building”, – said Fedor.

He also spoke about how the attitude to the video members of the group “Andrei Gromyko”.

“In the first letter from the musicians it was written:” Thank you for your work, but we do not really understand, what does all this gratuitous violence, Masturbation and defecation have to be creative “Andrei Gromyko”. In his last letter, when we were discussing the release date, had other words: “Yes, this is the video you want to watch and show to friends,” said Fedor.

A group of “Gromyko” was created in 2012 in Petrozavodsk (Russia, Karelia).
His style musicians define as “heavy psychedelic twist.” The band has released three Studio albums, the latest of which – “Ammonia” (2017). The group performed in Russia, Poland, Belarus, Norway and Estonia.