Yanukovych’s lawyers want to question the European top-politicians

Steinmeier and Sikorski took part in negotiations with Yanukovych, on the settlement of the political crisis, February 2014. Photo: EPA

Protecting the President-the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych filed court the second part of the list of witnesses in case of treason “legitimate” in which about 60 people.

The journalists said the lawyer Yanukovych Vitaly Serdyuk.

“The court should act and inform the official position of the European Union: Catherine Ashton (former EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy), Urmas Paet (ex-Minister of Estonia), Frank-Walter Steinmeier (President of Germany), who was a signatory of the agreement of 21 February (2014. – Gazeta.ua) on resolving the crisis and guarantee that this agreement will be performed. A lot of questions to the signatories. Among them, Radoslava Sikorsky (ex-foreign Minister of Poland), Laurent Fabius (former Prime Minister of France), Eric Fournier (representative of the French foreign Ministry), The Elmar Brock (Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs), other representatives of the European Union”, – said Serdyuk.

According to him, lawyers are in correspondence with the European Union on the activities of these people in the life of Ukraine.

“The list of persons provided on this (list. – Gazeta.ua) – about 60 people”, – said Serdyuk.

Yanukovych is accused of treason, of aiding the authorities of Russia, to deliberate acts committed with the aim of changing the state border of Ukraine established by the Constitution, and waging aggressive war.