“As soon as you become a power center shifted from Moscow to Kiev” – cyborg

Ukraine should take place as a state. Then the Russian Imperial project will fail, said the cyborg Andrey Sharaskin. Photo: sculpture “Cossack-winner” the Central building of the SBU in Kiev

Ukraine needs to be held as a state, then Russia will lose the war. About it in the comments Gazeta.ua said the head of the organization “Da”, the defender of the Donetsk airport Andriy Sharaskin.

“As soon as you become a force in the East of Western civilization – the Russian Imperial project would be in doubt, since it is based on hegemony over Ukraine. Then the center will naturally move from Moscow to Kiev”, – he said.

“Internal call does not change the inability to find a common language and set priority,” added cyborg.

At the same time the country takes revenge “poperednik”, said Sarasin.

“And, totally. In almost all areas. We have the business managers of the state premium. They think it is easier to negotiate and to give a part than to lose everything. There is the interest of the nation, we need to mobilize it. But the authorities chose another path,” he said.

“In war, understand one simple thing – when we know where the enemy is, it can see, identify, sitting in a foxhole with a fellow, at this moment it does not matter what language he speaks, his religion, and especially his political views. War is a very rigid and uncompromising. So in the humanitarian sphere is the most important thing is to find the point that this country will unite. There is a precedent. In the fourteenth year in Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kiev those categories that thinking could not imagine that will chant “Glory to Ukraine”, started chanting, and in Kiev Prospekt was named in honor of the leader of Ukrainian nationalists Stepan,” said Sarasin.

On Friday, February 9, in the column hall of the Kyiv city Council held the fifth Bandera read. The event was organized by non-governmental analytical center “Ukrainian strategicznych dozen wide studies” and Scientific research Institute of Ukrainian studies. In the professional debate will bring together academics, politicians, scientists, diplomats, philosophers and members of the war in the Donbass.