Bandera was afraid, now “Glory to Ukraine” they say every step of the way – “svobodovets”

Nationalists did not listen, now even the government uses the slogan “Glory to Ukraine”, said “svobodovets” Yuri syrotyuk. Photo: Nazar MAZLUM

Ukrainian nationalists are ideological baggage now uses it even the current government. This was stated by Director of non-governmental analytical center “Ukrainian strategicznych dozen wide studies”, member of “Svoboda” Yuri Sirotyuk on the fifth Bandera readings.

“I want to remind the theme of the first readings – beginning of February 2014. Then took the book of Bandera and told the participants of the revolution of dignity that the revolution is not all to burn and destroy. It quality creative, positive process change for the benefit of the majority of Ukrainians. Unfortunately, then we have not listened. Afraid of Bandera, although today all greeting: “Glory to Ukraine” and the military is red-black flags are widely used at the front. Even the Prime Minister skopipastil our decision in the previous Parliament and wants to introduce the greeting “Glory to Ukraine”. But Bandera is not only external signs. It is thought, concept, way of the future, in particular foreign policy”, – he said.

No European country in terms of external aggression of the enemy did not save nationalism, said Sirotyuk.

“Our national-liberation revolution is not over. It lasts at least the last 100 years” – said “svobodovets”.

“You know Ukrainian ambassadors and our foreign Ministry long-term goals? Just want to be the poor cousin and fallen away from Russia for someone to join? As a key country in Europe.

Nationalists have a strategy that will return Ukraine the subjectivity out of Ilovaisky boiler, Minsk dogovornyakov and will preserve their identity,” said Sirotyuk.

On Friday, February 9, in the column hall of the Kyiv city Council held its fifth Bandera read. The event was organized by non-governmental analytical center “Ukrainian strategicznych dozen wide studies” and Scientific research Institute of Ukrainian studies. In the professional debate will bring together academics, politicians, scientists, diplomats, philosophers and members of the war in the Donbass.