Built for Euro-2012: published the pictures of an abandoned Donetsk train station

Photo: Denis Kazansky

Now the train station is occupied by Russian mercenaries and militants in Donetsk continues to deteriorate.

A photo of the destroyed war of the object is published in the blog Denis Kazan.

“The trains here do not go. Rails three years ago was filled with debris of the bridge, and since then never removed. New railway station building, which was built cursed of Ukraine for Euro 2012, are abandoned, with broken Windows, which is only partially blocked with plywood, ” writes Kazan.

According to him, the building will soon be completely unusable.

“The building nobody wants. The roof leaks, everything inside is water, floors are rotting,” he added.

Terrorists of DNR showed a sniper rifle “Separatist”. It is noted that the rifle has a 23-gauge.