“Druga Rika” showed a clip of the soundtrack to the film “legend of the Carpathians”

Rock band “druga Rika” presented video for the song “Until I went” Photo: inform-ua.info

Rock band “druga Rika” presented video for the song “before I go”, which became the soundtrack to the film about Ukrainian Oleksiy Dovbush “legend of the Carpathians”.

The shooting of the video for the track “before I go” was exactly where he starred in “legend of the Carpathians” – in Pokutsko-Bukovina Carpathians. The video was directed by Sergey Kobun.

“For me, this song is a call to embrace life for what it is. Don’t be afraid to fall, to cry, to laugh. The lower you fall, the higher you’ll jump. The main thing – to find the strength to do a push off the ground and move on” comments Valery Harchishin.

The release of historical action, in which the main role was played by the frontman of “druga Rika” Valery harchishin, planned in the US on 13 March and 29 March in Ukraine. But fragments of the film can already be seen in a new video group.

“Before I go”, a track from the new album “Pyramid”.

Ukrainian band “Druga Rika” has released a new album. The seventh Studio album of the band was released under the name “Pyramid”. After 3 years of hiatus, the boys again gave a full album.