Experts called the cause of the rise in price of medicines

In 2018, the drugs will grow by 15-18%. Photo: Dnepr Hour

The cost of the minimum set of medicines in average in Ukraine is UAH 571. At the same time in Lviv for such will have to pay 597 UAH, in Kiev – from UAH 537, told Igor Garbaruk member “of the Economic discussion club.”

“The prices in pharmacies affected consumer inflation. In 2017 it is expected to reach 8.1 percent. In fact was much higher – 13,7. I suspect that last year the inflation reached the level of 17-18%. Most likely, the state statistics service provides a deliberately understated performance. If we analyze the growth of prices on the basic basket of food and goods of daily consumption – inflation reached 33-35%,” – says Igor garbaruk.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Council of protecting the rights and safety of patients Viktor Serdyuk drugs in 2018 will grow by 15-18%.

“Medicines are expensive solely in connection with inflation. Prices rise for both domestic and imported products. On average 15-18%. Because medications – the product of forced consumption, that pharmacies will be to put prices on the verge of profitability. In order to sell more drugs. Manufacturers will sell scarce or advertised drugs for a large profit. For example, today, the measles vaccine costs $ 5-7 – more than 100 UAH. Commercial pharmacies are sold at 600 hryvnia,” – said Viktor Serdyuk.

The shortage of medicines in Ukraine.

“It is true we do not deliver up to 30 percent formulas medications that are available to Europeans. In Ukraine they are not even registered. In addition, our government buys fewer medicines of the Russian manufacture. Cheaper to buy in India,” – said the expert.

At the end of 2017, the Ministry of health expanded the list of free medicines under the program “Affordable medicine” to 199 of products. It is 42 more than it was before. The program is designed for hypertensive, diabetics and asthmatics.