Givi and Motorola eliminated the Ukrainian security services – Mosiychuk

The militants Givi and Motorola sent to heaven Ukrainian security services.

MP Igor Mosiychuk said that the militants Givi and Motrola destroyed the Ukrainians.

“A year has passed since the one of the most successful special operations Ukrainian security services. Personally, I had information that Givi liquidated Ukrainian DRG from day one, but to talk openly about this was undesirable, not to expose our scouts and saboteurs”, – wrote the MP in Facebook.

Two years Ukrainian special forces were preparing the liquidation of the militants Givi.

“The operation to eliminate the Givi, in contrast to the elimination of his co-defendant Motorola, prepared and planned for a long time. But Arseny Pavlov Motorola was eliminated by case and local residents. This story of the journey of Motorola in the Elevator to hell deserves writing of Ukrainian bestseller like “Voroshilov arrow”, – wrote in the social network the MP.

8 February 2017 in Makeyevka killed 36-year-old Mikhail Tolstoy, nicknamed Givi. The leader of the terrorist battalion “Somali” blew up in 6:12 with a flame thrower “bumblebee” in his office. The explosion burned all 5 floors of the building, glass flew from the Windows. Mikhail Tolstoy, a native of Ilovaysk Donetsk region.

The Russian woman, which went to Alchevsk, described his impressions of the graves of fighters of the LNR terrorist organization. According to her, 5 years five about the Brain in General, forget, forgot about the lads of the 1990s.