Lozhkin urgently taken out of the investment Council for the investigation of money laundering – media

Petro Poroshenko and Borys Lozhkin. Photo: Commander-In-Chief

The main economic adviser of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Borys Lozhkin was removed from the National investment Council a few hours after the journalists of the TV channel Al Jazeera has asked politicians to review regarding the sale of United Media Holding (UMH) in 2013.

On Thursday, February 8, according to the article on the website of Al Jazeera.

Journalists argue that Poroshenko and Lozhkin during the sale of UMH has received tens of millions of dollars of “dirty money” from oligarch Sergei Kurchenko, who played a key role in the criminal scheme of regime of Viktor Yanukovych.

Austrian law enforcement is investigating the transaction in the amount of $ 130 million, which became part of the agreement, pdozac that the money was received as a result of money laundering. Later they closed the case, stating that he had not received any evidence that the money was dirty”, partly due to the fact that they have not received any information from their Ukrainian colleagues.

But the journalists of Al Jazeera claim to have in their possession a document that shows that the money paid for the purchase of UMH has been derived from loans secured stolen assets.

Journalists claim that the loan provided Kurchenko.

“Kurchenko put up $ 50 million as collateral for this loan. However, earlier Ukrainian secret court order made public by Al Jazeera in January, showed that the money was held in three Cypriot companies that were part of a vast “criminal organization” in the case of Yanukovych,” — journalists write.

Al Jazeera notes that this means that almost a third of the money that Lozhkin and his investors received from the sale of UMH, had illegal origin.

“You can’t assume that the sellers knew about the questionable mortgage loan made Kurchenko, but there are questions about how that time was spent doing due diligence,” – said in the investigation.

Al Jazeera also claims that Petro Poroshenko was owned by 3% of UMH at the time of its sale Kurchenko, although the President had previously stated that he sold his stake a few months prior to the transaction. If so, then Poroshenko from the sale of UMH has received $ 15 million, writes Al Jazeera.

Representative Poroshenko, in comments to Al Jazeera said that Poroshenko did not own shares of UMH at the time of sale, therefore, did not receive any funds from the transaction.

On 7 February it became known that Peter Poroshenko withdrew from the National investment Council Boris Lozhkin. Lozhkin on his page in Facebook wrote that she wants to focus on his own business.