Lyashko lucky faction in Poland to picket the diet

MPs-“radicals” are holding a protest under the Seimas

MPs from the Radical party led by leader Oleg Lyashko protest in front of the Polish Sejm in Warsaw against the adopted law banning the “Bandera ideology”.

The action was attended by 13 representatives of the faction.

“His action we want to attract the attention of the Polish authorities to the impermissibility of making decisions that worsen our bilateral relations… The adopted law is threatening the security of Ukrainians in Poland, threatening the peaceful life… We arrived in Poland to tell them: “Stop and do not look for enemies where there is none. We must work together to overcome the Russian aggression,” – said Lyashko.

In the hands of “radicals” are holding Ukrainian flags and posters with inscriptions “Polish law = Russian tanks” “Without independent Ukraine will not be a free Poland”, “the Past should not destroy the future.”

6 February the President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed the controversial amendments to the law on the Institute of national remembrance. At the same time he sent the law to the constitutional court for review.

The law inter alia provides for punishment for the denial of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists, as well as fines and prison sentences for public statements about the involvement of poles in the Holocaust.

Ukraine had earlier called on the Polish President not to sign the Parliament adopted changes. Categorically acted against the law of Israel.