Missing man found in the forest without clothes

In the forest they found a dead 18-year-old Ilya Hornickova. Photos Misto News

February 8, in the forest of the village Taroms’ke Dnipropetrovsk region found dead 18-year-old Ilya Hornickova.

Disappeared on 27 January in the river. Left home and never returned, writes “Informant”.

The volunteers who helped find the kid, suggest that between a teenager and his relatives had a quarrel, resulting in Ilya ran out of the house without clothing.

Traces of violent death on the body of the boy was found. Probably died from hypothermia.

The police confirmed the information, all the details out.

18-year-old Muqaddas Nasyrlaev with the Turkmen city of Dashoguz disappeared in Kiev on 30 January. She is a first year student of National medical University named after Alexander Bogomolets. Out of the facility on Peremogy Avenue, 34 at about 17:00 and never came back.