Presented the order at the bar: the Commissar humiliated the widow of a volunteer – volunteer

The Commissar gave a posthumous award “For courage” to the widow at the bar. Photo: Ministerstvo defense of Ukraine

The network was outraged by the story of the presentation of the award to the widow of the deceased soldier-volunteers: the order “For courage” of the military Commissar of the city of Svatovo were awarded the female while cleaning tables at the bar where she works as a administrator.

This was told by the volunteer and human rights activist Olga Reshetilova on his page in Facebook.

Atakishiev Sahib Maharram Oglu Sergeant of the 10th independent mountain assault brigade. The Azerbaijani origin, volunteered to defend Ukraine. 13 March 2017 Sahib were killed in Avdeyevka. And recently the President of Ukraine signed a decree on awarding the soldier the medal “For courage” (posthumously)”, – she told.

The volunteer noted that the local order of the Commissar instructed to give the relatives of the warrior.

“Commissar – Colonel Valentin Met – brought order to his wife Margaret at work in the local bar, where she works as a administrator. There just was cleaning the tables after the next feast – dined truckers and loud music was playing,” added Reshetilova.

According to her, the Commissar “I took the widow in the far corner, put on the table in order to quickly read out the order and took a few photos for reporting.”

“Colleagues of the widow realized what was happening, only after he questioned the weeping Margaret. Outraged by this attitude to the deceased countryman, local activists called the Ministry of defense, where they were advised to take the wife to the Order, to organize the celebration and to present it again,” – said the volunteer.

In defense of “promised that the Colonel Met in Svatovo not forever, someday he will be promoted and will be transferred to another city.”

“The family she lives in LC, and the military Commissar sells tickets and thumps to epileptic seizures,” he told local residents.

Now the state will pay compensation for the hiring of housing to military servicemen, non-commissioned officers and petty officers. To implement the law need 786 million 690 thousand UAH per year.