“Putin, bring the troops” – LC make people work for food

Photo: facebook.com/den.kazansky

In the city of Sverdlovsk of the Luhansk region which is under control of so-called LNR, on the walls were inscriptions: “Putin, bring the troops”, “I Want to live as before!”, “Sverdlovsk will be Ukrainian.”

Photo painted wall on his page on the social network Facebook was published by the journalist Denis Kazansky.

“Cry of the soul. The only currently available people a way to publicly Express your opinion about something. Probably a reaction to another delay of the salary to miners of the local coal associations. “Sverdlovskantratsit”, “Krasnodonugol” and “Rovenkianthracite” money for December is not given and said soon not wait”, – wrote the journalist.

He also published a photo of the internal order of the enterprise “Rovenkianthracite”, according to which the miners will give paid products.

“Again, make people work for food,” said Denis Kazan.

Earlier, on the territory controlled by the rebels in Luhansk region in Doljansky appeared Pro-Ukrainian graffiti. Unknown improved in agent graffiti, where he called Putin’s executioner and asked for forgiveness.