Quality reboot of power to be held in the next three years – Vitaliy Skotsyk

The leader of the Agrarian party Vitaliy Skotsyk said that the authorities continue to drag the state into debt.

Tax debt local oligarchs with 2014 to this day has grown eight times! Now it’s 77 billion UAH, the responsibility for the return of which the government again takes on the Ukrainian people.

About it today, 9 February, the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the Chairman of the Agrarian party Vitaliy Skotsyk.

Now Ukraine has no functioning government. To form an effective government and Parliament possible only by changing those people who occupy bureaucratic offices, – the politician.

“At least, on the composition of Parliament. It’s the people who are supposed to represent the elite of society. Instead we have there is continuous illegal lobbying. At the same time, the law on lobbying we have. As you can see, all party factions are projects of oligarchs. And the first – past- the people who in most cases are going to lobby their interests”, – said Vitaly Skotsyk.

Quality reset power, according to policy, should be held in the next three years by changing the electoral law.

“So, this year we have to complete the next wave of local elections in the context of decentralization, which is scheduled for April and October. Next year is extremely important parliamentary and presidential elections. And the final stage of formation of the qualitative composition of government – local elections in 2020,” – said Vitaly Skotsyk.

As stressed by the Chairman of the Agrarian party, neither the previous government nor the current is not actually reported what they did over the past period. Although their “contribution” to the development of the state and the welfare of Ukraine, every citizen felt. The standard of living of people has significantly deteriorated. And this is the most eloquent indicator of work of officials. In addition, the authorities continue to drag the state into debt, – the politician.

“Today the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman said about the continuation of cooperation with the IMF. At the same time, notice how the official said that he is not responsible for funds held before him. It is an absolute irresponsibility of the authorities. Because Mr. Groysman was part of the Cabinet of Ministers during the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was a member of the team of Yulia Tymoshenko. I will remind, since 2007-present external public debt of Ukraine increased almost twice! Therefore, the liability for the accumulated debts of the power shifts to the Ukrainian people”, – said Chairman of the Agrarian party.

As noted by Vitaliy Skotsyk, officials continue blatant manipulation of public opinion. In particular, when in society, discussions about whether to borrow from the International monetary Fund.

“The government puts us in the IMF “Baba”, who allegedly wants to do something bad for Ukraine. The Fund in fact does not impose any specific requirements. He says that is the means for reform. And the government is interpreterpath people differently. For example, the IMF says: “Spend quality land reform”. The government says: “the IMF is telling us to open the land market.” It’s outright manipulation,” – said Vitaly Skotsyk.