“Running tank”: showed footage of the exercise of the Ukrainian paratroopers

Photo: DSV

In the training center of the airborne assault troops for psychological stability and readiness to act in various types of combat, worked through the exercise, “running tank”.

This tells the General staff APU.

“During the course of this exercise, the instructors apply various pyrotechnics and blank ammunition, conditions are created as close to the fighting. Short dashes paratrooper hiding in the trench passes over a steel giant and strikes cumulative grenade power pack compartment of the combat vehicle. And after the explosion of the grenade, you need a machine gun to destroy the enemy’s crew,” the statement reads.

The teacher noted that this activity is an important element of individual training of military personnel. After passing the running tank, they develop psychological confidence in their own actions and weapons at the approach of armored vehicles.

Among the paratroopers that were trained, had a lot of women. It is noted that military women acted alongside men, showing good results.

On the ground in the area occupied by the Russian mercenaries-terrorists Markin Novoazovskiy district conducted large-scale exercises of the occupation forces of the 1st army corps of the DNI with “reservists.”