Sur and Armageddon: what has become of Avdiivka promko, which is guarded by Ukrainian paratroopers

Comments comparing post-apocalyptic landscapes Avdiivka industrial zone with surrealism and scenes from films about armegedon and the First world war. Photo: Anatoly Stepanov.

In the Internet appeared the video about the everyday life of the Ukrainian military who hold positions in the industrial area of Avdiivka. The video, captured on Avdiivka vineyards on his page in Facebook published photo journalist Anatoly Stepanov.

“So quiet on the industrial area of Avdiivka was not long ago. The January rain eats the remains of snow, penetrates the camouflage paratroopers nervously knocks on the battered fragments of the iron sheets. A rare surviving Apple trees, interspersed with backups of grapes and it seems that the space around studded with crosses. From the manicured vineyards is nothing left. Lin front slotted a holiday village near Promko”, – is spoken in the story of the journalist.

Paratroopers frankly boring, but ordered not to open fire first you need to follow. Only occasionally the space behind the fortifications sweep single.

“Rain goes to snow. Directly into the eyes of a drop of water to camouflage the grid turn into icicles. Somewhere in the distance heard a series of explosions AGS (automatic grenade launcher. – ed.). Then something a little heavier. The space around is filled with the sounds of the distant battle. Like large hail on an iron roof, the air machine gun fire cut through the neighbouring nose. Then heard several shots from an RPG. Grenades exploding on our positions. Well what a paratrooper does not fit for your friend, when it is difficult. All the guys on the feet. The course is a machine gun. The neighbors even hotter. There erupted a battle rifle, the course is everything that is in position. Suddenly it began, the battle fades. Wheezing topic. The commander called to report to the authorities. The space around blinded by the darkness of snow. The flakes slowly circling in the air. The sound of a chainsaw, muted by the snow, is heard among the broken houses. Promko, vineyards drift back to sleep…”- says Anatoly Stepanov.

Comments comparing post-apocalyptic landscapes Avdiivka industrial zone with surrealism and frames from movies of Armageddon and about the First world war.

Russian journalist and photographer Sergei L. Loiko published a photo of the “Promos” from Avdeyevka. The photographs show the ruins and everyday life of Ukrainian defenders.