There is a video on how detainee died by police 22-year-old resident in the salon of slot machines


The network posted a video from surveillance cameras, zapechatlevshie the process of detention and the death of 22-year-old boy during an overnight RAID, police in the salon of slot machines in the center of the city.

During a police RAID on an illegal gambling establishment on the street Kulish, 4, on the night of February 9, the guy tried to swallow a package of drugs likely, writes ZAXID.NET.

The video shows five patrol throw the guy face down on the ground, while trying to choose from his mouth the unknown object. One of the patrol several times has the detainee lying knee to the side. Then the detainee is removed to the street where it becomes bad.

The police reported that patrol tried to save the young man giving him a heart massage.

Also, according to the newspaper, the deceased had a broken nose. What was the cause of death was suffocation by a package or an overdose of the drug should establish it is judicial-medical examination.

Lviv regional Prosecutor’s office began pre-judicial investigation on signs of the criminal offense provided for in paragraph 12 of part 2 of article 115 UK of Ukraine (premeditated murder).

In Lozova Kharkiv region the man shot himself in the head when law enforcement officers came to apprehend him for attempting to Rob an apartment.