Bandera readings mentioned the Maldives Poroshenko and “Falcone” Mask (video)

Photo: Nazar MAZLUM

On Friday, February 9, was held the fifth Bandera read. The event was organized by non-governmental analytical center “Ukrainian strategicznych dozen wide studies” and Scientific research Institute of Ukrainian studies. In the professional debate will bring together academics, politicians, scientists, diplomats, philosophers and members of the war in the Donbass is just over a hundred people.

On the balconies of the second floor of the hall of columns of the Kyiv city Council to hang banners with portraits of the leader of Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych.

On the ground floor sell books on the history and ideology of the Ukrainian liberation movement, the recent history of Ukraine and the war in the Donbass. Prices in the capital’s publishers range from 10 to 140 UAH per book.

From the speakers playing the song “For Ukraine”, “On the hill the reapers reap”.

Bandera reading is a good message, especially against the background of recent events with our neighbours. Needs to develop a meaningful vision of the way Ukraine and its place in the geopolitical space, – says the head of the organization “Da”, the defender of the Donetsk airport Andriy Sharaskin. Came to say Hello from the Ukrainian volunteer army. – Dmitry Anatolyevich (Yarosh. – hospitalized for the next three weeks for health reasons.

Stands described the participation of Ukrainians in World war II – more than 6 million in the Soviet army, 100 thousand in the UPA. Just on the side of the United Nations and in the liberation movement – 6 million 350 thousand In the war killed 8 million Ukrainians. Looking at the figures the Deputy of city Council of Riga Dace Kalnina she represents the party “national Alliance of Latvia”. From the guy in the embroidery translates her seen in English. On another bench is a quote from the leaflets of Ukrainian rebels 43-year: “We are for the full liberation of the Ukrainian people from Moscow-Bolshevik and the Nazi yoke”.

Among those present – the leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok.

– Could be a single unit of Ukrainian nationalists, he said of the preparations for the elections of President and Parliament. – This is important strategically. Signed a Memorandum with the “Right sector”, “National body”, the Congress of Ukrainian nationalists. Almost a year successfully cooperate. It would be logical if we managed to form a team.

Attendees perform the national Anthem of Ukraine.

– Know whether the Ukrainian ambassadors and our foreign Ministry long-term goals? Just want to be the poor cousin and fallen away from Russia for someone to join? As a key country in Europe, – says Director of non-governmental analytical center “Ukrainian strategicznych dozen wide studies”, member of “Svoboda” Yuri Syrotyuk. Reading opens on the theme: “the Mission of Ukraine and the national interests in a globalizing world: the way of the nationalists”

Reminiscing from four years ago: “I recall the theme of the first readings – beginning of February 2014. Then took the book of Bandera and told the participants of the revolution of dignity that the revolution is not all to burn and destroy. It quality creative, positive process change for the benefit of the majority of Ukrainians. Unfortunately, then we have not listened. Afraid of Bandera, although today all greeting: “Glory to Ukraine” and the military is red-black flags are widely used at the front. Even the Prime Minister skopipastil our decision in the previous Parliament and wants to introduce an appeal “Glory to Ukraine”. But Bandera is not only external signs. It is thought, the concept of the future, in particular foreign policy”.

Afraid of Bandera, although today all greeting: “Glory to Ukraine”

Award the participants of the essay competition for young scientists”, can the Ukraine for its geopolitical project.” People sent work from all regions, including Luhansk and Donetsk. Also from abroad – Canada and Bulgaria. 32% were written by the students, 53% were students, graduate students, other young scientists, teachers.

First prize is 40 thousand UAH receives graduate student of the Department of history of Ukraine Dnieper national University named after Oles Gonchar Vadym Prokopov.

– Economic nationalism, few people say, – says a young scientist. – Though there is a whole strategy of development of countries. It passed through South Korea, “Asian tigers”, Germany after the war. Used tactic, when the government at the helm. Engaged in export, innovation. Live prosperously and are influential.

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Do not overlook the rest of the President Petro Poroshenko in the Maldives.

– It is symbolic that the first Bandera of reading was held here in the premises of the revolutionary Council, addresses the audience Oleg Tyagnibok. – Nobility, wisdom, and courage – these are the main features of a Ukrainian nationalist in the definition of Dmytro Dontsov. Drawing from our national perspective. Nobility – work it for the whole Ukrainian nation, and not for the sake of a Golden loaf or Maldivian sun.

The leader of “Svoboda” recalls Ilona Mask: “lately we see a lot of human ascent from the launch of the “Falcon”. But to the delight of this ambitious project is added, the share of bitterness. After all, Ukrainians – Sergey Korolyov, Valentin Glushko, Vladimir Chelomey – has made a huge contribution to space exploration. But their work and the glory was given, including NKVD uniform terror, foreign state, which still holds a stranglehold over Ukraine.

– It’s nice that the right camp makes a joint business, – says the head of “Right sector” Andrey Tarasenko. Even better that the nationalists debating on programmatic, ideological themes. This is the right way to a real Union, which will create a new elite for the state.

Historian, representative of the “National housing” Alexander Alferov welcomed the audience on behalf of the leader of the party, MP Andrey Biletsky that couldn’t come.

Believed did not believe, how will continue to go, but the number five is the first anniversary I’d like to congratulate the organizers, he said. The world reign of the new technology, the Internet has revolutionized. The Ukrainian nation needs to reformat not only to keep up with the times and two steps ahead.

– Ukraine should not be charmed nor the East nor the West, addresses the head of the OUN Bohdan Chervak. – Create a Baltic-black sea Alliance that should become a factor in international politics, the stability of Europe and the world.

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Present in Belarus invites local opposition, the Chairman of the Council of the Belarusian National Congress Vyachaslau Siuchyk. But said: “Ordinary people in our country can’t invite, right now there safely. But the deputies that work at the Embassy of Ukraine, will be safe. Good luck to you, Glory to Ukraine, long live Belarus”.

Relatives of soldiers of OUN-UPA award, which is 40-50-ies of the last century were awarded their ancestors.

– UPA was unique in the history of the rebel army, which was able to create its own system of awards and incentives, says historian Nicholas Posivnych. – Our goal was to find 1102 of the knights of the rebel awards. While well-known names and place of birth only half. Managed to find more than two hundred descendants. The search continues.

Crosses transmit to the relatives of the fighters of the OUN-UPA Basil Nebusicka, Basil Protsiuk, Basil Khymchak, Yaroslav Stetsko and Neil Awarded.

Excited because get the reward of the father after 74 years after his death, says 78-year-old Nicholas Pratsyuk. Is he really this award deserved. He did not consider himself a politician, were primarily military. I can assure you that if such a war was in our Ukrainian army, we would have had no ilovaisky, no debaltseve and the Crimea would be a part of Ukraine.

Bandera the conference is held in 2014 in the first days of February. During the creation of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists 1929 as a movement that aims to establish the Ukrainian independent Cathedral state, its preservation and development.