Calculated how much they steal in road construction

It became known how much they steal on the road. Photo: Correspondent

This year for the construction and rehabilitation of roads will provide an unprecedented large amount to 44 billion hryvnia. 32.5 billion needs to the state Road Fund, which was earned from 1 January 2018. At the same time, up to 15% of the funds allocated for repair of roads, go to the kickbacks and corruption.

“I guess that about 10-15% of the allocated funds do not reach actually to the roads and come in the form of various preferences, kickbacks and so on”, – says adviser to the head of Ukravtodor Andrew Martens, reports MMR.

“We are 20 years did not repairing roads. 95-97% of roads are in poor condition. If every year we will recover 5% of roads, 50 years we go to restore them. Not to mention the fact that those roads which are recovering today, after 10-15 years will have to rebuild and repair,” he added.

Recall that for two years the National anti-corruption Bureau has exposed corruption more than 300 officials.