Good news for mortgage holders: the guarantee Fund will revise the credit terms

With the approval of the terms of the restructuring would increase income in the insolvent banks. Photo:

The Deposit guarantee Fund of natural persons approved the terms of debt restructuring mortgage loans to individuals the banks that are liquidated.

The changes were approved by the decision of February 5, 2018. The document is already presented on the state registration in the Ministry of justice. Developed by the Fund the terms of the renegotiation of lending will be uniform for all banks, which are liquidated. They are available to customers of banks that are liquidated, and arrears on credit agreements, the performance of the obligations which are secured by a mortgage, reported the press service of the Fund.

Among the key points developed by the program – viewing the priority of loan repayment.

“First of all, there will be a repayment of the loan amount. The interest rate is set at 0.01% per annum, and commissions at the level of 1 hryvnia. In case of early repayment will not be subject to any penalties. After the conclusion of the restructuring agreement, the borrower will need to pay at least 10% of the amount of credit debt, calculated on the date of application of the debtor”, – stated in the message.

With the approval of the terms of the restructuring would increase income in the insolvent banks.

“The total mortgage portfolio of insolvent banks is almost 40 thousand credits. The total debt which is 68 billion UAH”, – said Svetlana Rekrut Deputy managing Director of the Fund.

The restructuring terms to be effective after official publication of the decision of Executive management of Fund in the Ministry of justice. Borrowers can contact banks for information about the status of their credit debt.

“All borrowers of insolvent banks need to understand that to view the currency of the loan, course, to “forgive” part of the debt or restructuring to offer beyond the time of liquidation of the Bank – Fund may not. In addition, all bad loans will sooner or later be for sale. However, scheduled maintenance allows the borrowers to make claims under their loans were sold in the last turn. At the same time, in the purchase of such credits would primarily be interested in the existing banks”, – assured Olga Bilay Director of asset management Department of the Fund.

The Deposit guarantee Fund of natural persons proposes to raise the guarantee on deposits. Today, the guaranteed amount of deposits is 200 thousand UAH.

“Naturally, we won’t raise the bar for 10 or 20 thousand. If we start from the proposal, it should be at least 300-400 thousand UAH”, – said the managing Director of the Fund Konstantin Vorushilin.