Taxes should be cut for two or three years – the expert

Economist Roman Mathis: “the Business environment from the state need clear and transparent rules of the game”. Photo: Valeriy Shmakov

An important factor for the development of the investment climate is a healthy approach to taxation.

So says the economist Roman Mathis head of Department for investment policy in the regional state administration. About the need to attract investment to Ukraine, said in an interview

“Business is ready to pay taxes. The more a foreign investor. For discounts at stores are not just poor people. Here is the same principle. If to attract attention need to weaken for a year or two or three, do it, push to start,” he adds.

The business environment should not interfere. From the state she’s in need of clear and transparent rules of the game, convinced the Roman Mathis.

“The second point is the reduction of barriers. The system of granting permits, approvals and certificates shall be issued in the form of a single algorithm with a single forms prepared so that it was impossible to make a mistake. The exchange of documents should occur electronically,” says the expert.

According to the economist, all the Ukrainian regions are attractive for investors.

“Some companies East of the country consider with fear because of the proximity to the conflict zone. But not all of it is a deterrent. And in those areas there are resources which are not Western,” he says.

Full version Roman Mathis read in the near future

On economic development is influenced by four factors: investment, net exports, consumption and government spending. The most important of them is investment. They stimulate the creation of jobs and industries. Ukraine annually we need to raise $20 billion to develop, said Anatoliy Amelin, Director of economic programs of “Ukrainian Institute for the future”.