Ukrainians have become Central to the development of the Polish economy

The Ukrainians rank 2nd in influence on the Polish economy. Photo: Istart

Ukrainians took second place in the impact on the Polish economy.

The rating of the economic impact on Poland opublikowano Gazeta Prawna.

The magazine has revealed the annual ranking list of “50 most influential people of the Polish economy”, according to the newspaper, in 2017, the second “person” on the list were Ukrainians. The first place is the Prime Minister of the country Mateusz Morawiecki but the President of the country Andrzej Duda inferior, and stands in 3 positions.

Explaining the rating, the newspaper notes that Poland for the development of economy needs foreign workers, namely the citizens of Ukraine most of them.

“Therefore, in our ranking, we symbolically placed Ukrainians, which we meet at every step: in shops, on construction sites, in factories, hair salons, wherever there is a demand for work”, – says the publication.

However, the newspaper writes, that large number of migrants from Ukraine in the long term will not solve the Polish problem, because the Ukrainian demographic problem is even worse than Polish.

The number of Ukrainian workers in Poland increased dramatically in 2014, with the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The President of Poland signed a law on which to begin construction of a wall on the border with Ukraine and Belarus. The wall will be built to protect the country from African swine fever.