Yanukovych from Russia addressed to the “dear compatriots”

Viktor Yanukovych called on the Ukrainian authorities “regime is in agony” and shifted her responsibility for the shootings on the Maidan. Photo: AP

President-the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych reacted to the court decision, which allowed correspondence investigation on him, and accused the current government of crimes which incriminate to him.

“The current Ukrainian regime stepped up criminal actions – using force to remove my lawyers from participating in the so-called business about independence, which “is seen” in the Pechersk district court of Kyiv. Such action is a panic reaction of the current government that every day in Ukraine and the world learn more of the facts of the involvement of its representatives to the most serious crimes. Already in Europe and the world are openly talking about the involvement of “current leaders” to mass executions of people on Maidan in 2014. Referred to the specific names – paruby, Pashinsky, Lutsenko,” – says Yanukovych.

He called the charges against him in the case of the shootings on the Maidan were fabricated, and the courts are controlled by the authorities.

“Trying to accuse me of treason, hastily concocted criminal case, the government has driven itself into a trap… But it is necessary to understand this mode in agony and his time is rapidly going away. And there will come another time when they will answer before the law”, – said Yanukovych.

On 7 February, the Pechersky regional court of Kiev allowed in absentia pre-trial investigation in respect of presidentielles Viktor Yanukovych, the former head of the SBU Alexander Yakimenko and former first Deputy SBU Vladimir Totsky in the case of the shootings on the Maidan.

During the meeting from the court brought the lawyers of Yanukovych, Olga, and Alexander Prosyanik Horoshevskogo. The Prosecutor’s office explained that Goroshinskaya challenged because of a conflict of interest. And Prosenik were invited to participate in the meeting as a free listener, and authority to defend Yanukovych, it does not.

Yanukovych is accused of treason, of aiding the authorities of Russia, to deliberate acts committed with the aim of changing the state border of Ukraine established by the Constitution, and waging aggressive war.